Join the PTO Team!

Positions available for 2023-24 School Year:

VP at Brook Forest (outgoing Jamie Lock)
• Coordinate with event chairs at BF to provide PTO support
• Meet with BF Principal to review events
• Plans and schedules after school clubs
• Function as liaison between parents and Brook Forest

Co-VP at Butler Junior High (outgoing Resham Mendi)
• Coordinate with BJH event chairs to provide PTO support
• Meet with BJH principal to review events
• Share responsibilities with co-chair
• Function as liaison between parents and Butler Junior High
For 5th Grade Parents, this is a great opportunity to become more involved at the Junior High!

Recording Secretary (outgoing Abby Jung)
• Creates agendas and records minutes of all executive and general PTO meetings
• Manages the Brook Forest PTO bulletin board.

Communications Secretary (outgoing Sarah Ghadiali)
• Encourages and facilitates membership of district families by contacting non members
• Manages Directory Spot app and facilitates access by PTO members
• Assist PTO president with PTO weekly updates sent through Directory Spot

Digital Technology Administrator (outgoing Veysel Demir)
• Ensures that the PTO website is maintained by updating events, post current minutes and notices, and calendar information
• Communicates the PTO e-update to the district for the weekly Digital Backpack newsletter

D53 PTO is only possible with the help of our wonderful parents and if you are looking for a way to help, this is it! With parents participation and support, we are able to provide additional academic and social experiences to students through fundraising and membership dues throughout the school year. Our board members make this happen and are crucial to our success.
Our outgoing board members will always be available for support to anyone that chooses to take on one of these roles. Voting for new board members will take place during our next PTO General Meeting on May 11th. New board members will assume their role on June 30th.
If you have an interest in giving your time and talent to our school community by joining the PTO board, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Any of our current team members would be happy to discuss them with you or email us at

TOP 10 Reasons to Join the D53 PTO Executive Team

10. It’s a great way to meet other families with children the same age as your own.
9. You will become a great part of your child’s early learning experiences!
8. You can help raise money for a great cause – your children’s education!
7. You’ll get to know the teachers at school and to understand their needs and ideas.
6. It’s one more way to meet and talk with school administrators like the principal and assistant
5. You will help create, plan, and execute fun events for the whole family!
4. You will make a difference! You will be able to use your skills for a noble cause; to help
create the best educational environment possible for our D53 kids!
3. You’ll be a part of a network of parents in the same situation as you with the common goal to
bring the best possible educational experiences to our children!
2. You’ll experience feelings of self-worth through volunteering your time and seeing your efforts
pay off in the smiles of your children and their friends.
1. And finally, the number one reason to join us….WE NEED YOU!