Butler Junior High Committees

Lunch Daily in MPR from 11:45a-12:30p
  • 2-3 parents needed to serve hot lunch. Also needed to distribute special lunches on those marked days.
  • Sock Hop Friday 10/28/22 and Friday 4/28/23
  • Chairs needed–Come up with theme for event (decor is available in school), secure DJ, order food, plan activities
  • Volunteers needed–help chairs as needed in prep for event. Help set up before and clean up after. During event take payments and serve food.
  • Book Fair Thursday 11/10/22
  • Volunteers needed to help set up the day before. Help sell books during school day. Chair position will be needed for following year
  • International Day Friday 1/20/23
  • Chairs needed for Lunch–Arrange for menu to be served during lunch.
  • Chairs needed for Activities–Arrange for internationally themed art, music, dance or games
  • Volunteers needed–Help chairs plan event. Be present day of event to serve lunch and/or run activities
  • Fitness/Life Skills Day (replacement for Career Day) Friday 4/28/23
  • Chairs needed–Create an event during the school day teaching students life skills. (possible ideas include CPR training, yoga/meditation, sewing, self defense, first aid, babysitting, etc)
  • Music Boosters
  • Help Band/Choir with their performances, arrange for fundraising, plan end of year dinner
  • Drama Boosters
  • Help support any productions started