Butler Junior High Committees

Special Lunch Dates to be determined
  • Chair(s) organize 4 to 5 lunches pre-ordered by the students. Creates order forms (templates available), collect money, coordinate with the vendor, and distribute to the students. Students look forward to special lunches!
  • Sock Hop October 27, 2023
  • Organizers create theme for event (decor is available in school), secure DJ, order food, plan activities.
  • Volunteers help organizers as needed in prep for event. Help set up before and clean up after. During the event, volunteers take payments and serve food.
  • Book Fair November 9, 2023
  • Volunteers help set up the day before book fair. Help sell books during school day. An organizer will be needed for the following year.
  • International Day Lunch January 19, 2024
  • International Day is a fun and festive event for the students during school. Foods from different cultures are offered to students to sample during lunch and students enjoy activities followed by an assembly. We need parent volunteers to make this event possible!
  • Chairperson(s) in charge of the food arrange the food menu to be served during lunch.
  • Chairperson(s) in charge of international activities organize fun activities with internationally themed art, music, dance and games.
  • Volunteers help chairs plan the event. Must be present on the day of the event to serve lunch and/or run activities.
  • Music Boosters
  • Collaborate with Band and Choir Directors to help with their performances, arrange for fundraising, plan end of year dinner.
  • Drama Boosters
  • Help support any productions started by the school
  • Sports Boosters
  • Coordinate with the school sports for end of season dinners