BJH Spring Advisory Clubs

All clubs are held at Butler Junior High during advisory period

Medical Innovations Club
(Weekly on Thursdays from Thu, Apr 7 to Thu, May 19 during advisory)

The topics available are vaccines, anesthesia, germ theory, imaging, penicillin, transplants, antiviral drugs, stem cell therapy, immunotherapy, artificial intelligence.

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Emergency Medicine Club
(Weekly on Tuesdays from Tue, Apr 12 to Tue, May 17 during advisory)

Week 1: First aid bandaging, splinting, and tourniquets (students receive gauze, ace bandage, and bandana)
Week 2: Hypothermia (emergency thermal blanket)
Week 3: Ins and Outs of Surgery
Week 4: Epi-pen handling and facts
Week 5: What’s in the Doctor’s Bag – Students learn about stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and reflex hammer (students take home real stethoscope)
Week 6: CPR and Heimlich Maneuver (info only, no certification given)

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Chess Club (through Chess Scholars)
(Weekly on Wednesdays from Wed, Apr 6 to Wed, May 18)
60 min class option (advisory through after school): 2:50-3:50 PM **Course Code: BJH4.6.22F
24 min. class option (advisory only): 2:50 -3:14 PM **Course Code: BJH4.6.22H